Frontier Concierge

Community Benefits

Features and Benefits for your residents

Frontier Concierge offers many unique community wide and resident-specific features to make living in your community more desirable. Residents resonate with the ease and convenience of our integrated solutions. And our features not only provide and extra reason to live and stay there - they offer specific word of mouth content to help attract new residents.

Because it can be accessed from any web browser or compatible smartphone or tablets, your residents have the flexibility their lifestyle demands.

Enhance the value of your community by giving residents access to the many features and services of Frontier Concierge, including:

Features and Benefits for Your Staff

The unique benefits offered by Frontier Concierge will help your property stand out from the competition, on a customizable platform that highlights your property and your brand. Frontier Concierge makes managing your property easier and more efficient, and without the set-up fees and support costs typical with other systems.

Frontier Concierge is an all in one:
  • Resident Database
  • Marketing Platform to promote your property
  • Mass Communication tool for staff and residents
  • Visitor and Amenities management system
  • Package Delivery management
  • Community web portal, offering residents:
  • - Real-Time camera view of common areas*

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